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the A-TEAM.

Ana Negreiros Van de Werf, branding consultant and her brother, Fernando Negreiros, mathematician and advisor. 

Insightful strategies with result-driven attitude.

is her

A consumer insights and branding expert, who inspires people when talking about her métier.

Proud owner of a Marketing degree and MBA, and a Branding certification from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management in Chicago.

Worked with multinationals but has a soft spot for assisting entrepreneurs.

Avid observer,  passionate about psychology and other human sciences, because she loves to know what makes people tick.

A fountain of insightful and creative ideas that not only sparkle but also deliver results.

Lecturer on Branding, bringing good humor, positive energy and expertise to the stage.

A polyglot with curiosity and love for people's minds, culture, and gastronomical show stoppers from around the world.

Leveraged her hospitality skills as a hotel investor,  leading to very positive financial outcomes.

is him

Distinguished mathematician, with a mindset of an engineer and administrator, credentials earned from FEI and FEA - Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Known for his discipline and practical approach to problem-solving.

Often seen as the voice of reason, providing grounded and logical perspectives.

Skilled data analyst, adept at interpreting complex data sets.

A food lover who also enjoys expressing his culinary creativity as an amateur chef and mixologist.

Specialization in Data Science and Business Analytics by Mackenzie University in Brazil, transforming data in useful information for companies that want to make better decisions.

A witty introvert who knows how to ask the right questions.

a good

Trusted partners in Branding. Agencies in Brazil, Portugal and Switzerland with whom Aurora collaborates with.
Former director-partner in Brazil. Currently Brand and New Business Consultant in Portugal.
Marketing Agency of Digital Performance located in Switzerland. Brand Manager.
Creative consultancy for business development in Brazil. Branding consultant for projects.
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