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real longevity

starts now.

Karina is a Yogi and passionate about healthy ingredients. When approaching Branding Aurora, she presented a challenge: Her desire was to develop a coaching service to guide people into better life choices, based on Yoga practices, talks, meditation, and good food. The dream was to see people taking better chances, thinking about their future.


Thanks to her daughter's idea, a name as created: YOKA. Considering her business idea, our job was to give sense and meaning to that name. So, the first insight came to surface when reflecting about longevity. People don't usually think about their health in a long-term mode. YOKA's purpose is to menthor people on the values of quality choices in the present. How changing a bad habit today can offer more dignitity and joy on those senior years. Real longevity is about reaching a certain age with plenty of breath and energy, to rejoice and experience life to the fullest. For real.

That's something to consider now. Your Own Key Attitude. YOKA. A concept was found, leading to the creation of an identity and brand experience. Do the YOKA now.


The project includes: Purpose, Positioning,

Brand Identity: Logotype, and communication guidelines.

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"I had a name and an idea, but no brand. Branding Aurora did an amazing job of believing in this name, which was important to me, and resignifying it brilliantly. It also helped me to see and materialize the expression of YOKA, the essence of my business. With sensibility, professionalism and a lot of experience, Nalu (Ana) made my brand be born full of personality and purpose. In one word I would say it was extraordinary."



"In my 20-year career, "Nalu" (Ana) is in the top 3 of the most creative people I have ever had the privilege of knowing and working with. Every assignment with her is spectacular, because she makes all interactions feel simple and easy, bringing visions that one cannot forsee. She guides me to think outside the box. She studies the subject in full depth in order to do her job. And that's what happened when I called her to revitalize the image of the Novvacore brand. And as always, Branding Aurora ended up delivering more than we expected."


Project Manager

Beach Soccer
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An agency to invite people to a colorful tropical country.

A land which was discovered centuries ago, has many treasures and experiences to offer.
We needed to show Brazil to the world again. Its colors, people, the Brazilian soul. An invitation to REdiscover.

The name, Soul do Brasil, talks to Brazilians and foreigners, for "soul", when spoken out loud, has the phonetic sound of "sou", which in portuguese means "I am". It's time to be proud of this beautiful place on Earth, and its incredible range of possibilities brought by a tailor made travelling agency.

The birds of our visual identity are an invitation. Its color palette, inspired by the art of Tarsila do Amaral.


Job description : Purpose, Slogan, Naming, Logotype, Brand Manifest, Business Card.

"Since the proposal, Ana has deeply captured what we had in mind. And he maintained his professionalism throughout the creative process. The result could not have been different: our complete satisfaction with Branding Aurora with the delivery of a brand that represents us."



"Ana developed the first steps of my Brand.I tusted her and I was right! She has got passion for her job and did a great work. She made me proud of my Brand Name. We have to believe in Mixxer. - she said. Because of that, I know that great things can happen. Thank you, Ana."

Founder and Cocktail Creator



is a solution.

Here's Mixxer, the cocktail solution by Boris Bru.
The Brand creation was inspired by the old alchemists and apothicaires, those who create solutions that can heal...

The business model is to offer hotels and restaurants

a smart solution for cocktail making. Easy to make, easy to shake, easy to serve. "Cocktail is a solution"
That's the positioning which brings a good financial alternative for places that want to serve different cocktails - and, of course, a cool solution for everyday life.

Cocktais never ask questions. Cocktails understand!

Cocktails are a good company, don't you agree?

Yes, the Brand personality is inspired on the Outlaw archetype. Mixxer is here to shake the status quo.

The project includes: Strategy, Positioning, Identity, Naming, Logotype, Labels & Brand Experience.


"I am the President of the Eygalières Tennis Club, a very pretty Provençal village in the Alpilles since June 2019. I met Ana Negreiros in their magnificent Domaine through Jérémy Haas who is our tennis teacher and sports manager. After having discussed the orientation and the ambitious project of the Tennis Club in its development, Ana immediately captured the energy, the dynamics, and the image of what the Tennis Club Eygalières... She quickly created an identity for the Tennis Club by soaking up all of  it, and it s a success. Our relationship is so symbiotic that we, she and I, decided to organize an
Amateur Tennis Tournament !"


"I've had the pleasure of working with Ana on several projects over the years. We have worked together on psychographic segmentations and Brand Positioning projects. In all of them Ana has demonstrated an uncommon ability to find, to deeply understand and empathize with consumers. Understanding really who they are and what they feel gives her an unique sensitivity to create positionings, messages, and communications that make brands close, emphatic, natural... human, and therefore, relevant. Its results can bring clarity of vision and purpose to all employees within the organization. Working with her is undoubtedly a transforming experience". 

Head of Consumer Insights 

as Director at TroianoBranding



La joie de vivre provençale. 

Picture a boutique hotel & restaurant in a lovely and special region in the South of France, in the heart of a national park, called Les Alpilles. Thanks to their mountains, earth, mistral wind, and sunny days, this piece of paradise is located in one of the most delicious terroirs of the world.

The Brand already existed, but it needed a new breath

of fresh air, and a Purpose to commit to all Romantic Hedonists out there, looking for reconnection and a life journey filled with memories that really matter.

Not luxury, but time to enjoy the simple pleasures and natural beauty.


Here's our project description:
Purpose, Brand and Marketing Strategy, Brand Architecture, Slogan, Brand Manifest, Logo redesign, Offline and Online Communication, Guest Experience, Conciergerie, Restaurant Development, SPA creation, Lounge & Bar concept, Wine Menu development with partnerships, Architecture and Decoration Concepts, People training, PR, Events, Website and E-commerce, Social Media.

"When DIRECTV Latin America embarked on its second Branding and Segmentation study across Latin America with TroianoBranding, Ana was our point of contact to make things happen. And make things happen she did! I was so well impressed that, when I got an opening in my team soon afterward, I considered her at the top of my list, and trusted her judgment when I hired someone she recommended.

Ana was excellent as a Project Manager, handling multiple demands from teams spread around the continent and working in three languages. Her insights were also very valuable in determining strategies to make study results more practical for Advertising and Marketing departments."

Marketing International Research Intelligence

as Director at TroianoBranding